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Inventory is on the way. We are slashing prices to make room. This means great discounts and deals for you! Find home furnishings at up to 90% OFF retail prices. Bring your truck and pick it up!

St Louis Furniture - Resale & Thrift Shop

Thank you for visiting our website. Here you will find your local source for resale furniture for your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, family room and all other living areas of your home. You can also find outdoor furniture for your patio. New inventory arrives every three to five days.

Consignment thrift shopping should be fun. Our store has a wide variety of items such as clothing, collectibles, antiques, sporting goods, dining room tables with chairs, kitchen tables, dresser sets, bedroom decorations and so much more. There are many home furnishings available.

We buy, sell & consign gently used home furniture, appliances and other household goods. Find something for every room in your house. All at affordable prices. Finding a quality resale furniture shop in St Louis is now mad easy by St Louis Consignment Gallery.

Find Resale Furniture, Collectibles, Antiques & more...

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Standing over five feet tall. He is in excellent condition.


Do you have furniture that you would like to sell outright or put on consignment?


More home furnishings and decorations are available. Find used furniture for every room in your house at deep discounts. You will never want to buy brand new furniture from a major retailer again... 



Find local gently used resale furniture. Save hundreds of dollars on bedroom, living room & dining room furniture. _________________________________________

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Just remember when you repurpose living room, bedroom and dining room furniture that you are helping our environment. You could also save hundreds of dollars by shopping at our resale & consignment shop in Saint Louis.

You could find book cases, wood shelving, wicker furniture, and hundreds of pieces of home & office decorations all at deep discounts.


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Bargain hunter's glossary:

A consignment shop accepts merchandise on a consignment basis, paying the owners of the merchandise a percentage when and if the items are sold.

A resale shop is the phrase most often used for stores that buy their merchandise outright from individual owners.

A thrift shop is run by a nonprofit organization to raise money to fund their charitable causes. These range from the large Salvation Army/Goodwill chains to individual school, church or hospital thrift shops. Nonprofits can obtain goods through donations or they could operate on a consignment basis—some do both.

Source: National Association of Resale & Thrift Stores

A garage sale or moving sale is held by a private company or individual. These sales are great for buying in large quantities. People and companies have these sales to liquidate large amounts of overstocked inventory.

Liquidation or Going Out of Business Sales are great places to find many different types of goods and products. Merchandise and store fixtures may be found at deeply discounted prices. You could possibly even buy the extra stuff such as cash registers, wall slats, hangers, and much more! Popular Terms for Furniture Consignment and Resale Shops


St Louis Consignment Gallery Resale & Thrift


More terms:

Popular Terms for Furniture Consignment and Resale Shops

If you plan to purchase furniture for your home or office, then you might want to consider the advantages of buying used items at a consignment shop.

Consignment and resale shops might sell antique and used furniture that will fit the décor of your living and working spaces. To choose a furniture resale store, though, you might need to know a few key terms.

Wicker – This is a furniture material made from plants such as bamboo and willow switches. The material is commonly used to make baskets, chairs, and tables. This type of furniture has a long history that includes uses in ancient Egypt and Pompeii.

Sectional Couch – These couches have two or more sections that fit together. They often have L shapes that allow homeowners to place them along the corner of a wall.
Outlet Stores – Furniture outlets sell a variety of household items. Some of them are directly linked to specific factories or brands. Others sell overstock that comes from retail stores. Outlets don’t often have used beds, desks, and dressers, but they do offer cheap prices on contemporary, antique and rustic designs.

Amish Furniture – Legitimate Amish furniture is handcrafted by people living in Amish communities. They usually make beds, chairs, and other types of furniture from wood. The high quality of items made by the Amish can mean that they sell at higher prices than furniture produced in factories. Always make sure that the items are actually made by the Amish, though, because some companies have factory-made designs that replicate the style.

Key Terms in the World of Thrift Shops

Because of increased prices, consumers are looking to second hand shopping to make small and large purchases.

Thrift Stores like St Louis Consignment Gallery offer bargain and sale prices for gently used apparel, household decor and other items. Window shop through these key terms that might be useful next time you visit a thrift shop.

Consignment - An arrangement where a consignor delivers items or goods to a consignee to be resold or reused where the consignee pays a portion of the proceeds to the consignor. Clothes and furniture are among the many items that may be put on consignment.

Resale - The act of selling again or selling something that was already bought. Resale shops fall in the category of thrift shops because of the potential bargains that may exist and because used items such as furniture and clothes may be found in a resale shop. Resale shops often have sales for many items at cheap prices.

Vintage - Second hand garments from a previous era. Garments over 25 years old are typically considered vintage.

Charity Shop - A thrift store owned by a charity but is run as an independent business under contract. Charity shops are considered a retail establishment but only collect money from buyers for items purchased toward that independent charity.

Thrifting Community - Online community that share cheap deals for thrift stores in various regions. These communities also give general advice on thrift shopping for new and seasoned shoppers alike. There is often a forum, weekly newsletter and daily deals associated within the thrifting community.


• Each American disposes of about 35 pounds of old clothing and other textiles each year, yet only 10 pounds per person are recycled. (Source: IL Recycling Association Website)

• The textile recycling industry, with some 2,000 companies, removes annually from the solid waste stream 2.5 billion pounds of post consumer textile product waste. (Source: Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association)

• How is used clothing recycled? According to the Council for Textile Recycling, almost half (48%) is recycled as secondhand clothing; approximately 20% become wiping and polishing cloths and approximately 26% is converted to fiber to be used in other products.

Moving out of St Louis? We will buy or consign your unwanted furniture and household items.


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